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Mother's Day Out

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When is Mother's Day Out in session?

IUMC Mother's Day Out meets on Wednesdays starting August 30th this year until May 2018. Generally speaking, we follow the Ingleside ISD calendar. 

What  Happens During Our Sessions?

Children are taught Christian values.  Children participate in age appropriate crafts.  The ABC’s and 123’s are taught.  Bible stories are told, and nutritious meals are served. 

How many children are in my child’s class?

IUMC Mother's Day Out requires lower teacher-child ratios than the state enforces.  The state requires a 1:4 ratio for 1, 2 & 3 year olds, and a 1:5 ratio of teacher to students for 4 & 5 year olds, IUMC maintains a 1:3 ratio. 

What about security at IUMC Mother's Day Out?

At the time of registration, you will complete a form that lists adults to whom your child may be released. In addition, each day you will sign your child in and out of the classroom.  We will not release your child to anyone who is not on your approved list, and will ask for a picture ID if the person is unknown to us. Please inform the teachers of any change in your approved pick-up list. 

What is the health policy?

Healthy children are always welcome! Please nurture and care for your child at home if he or she has any of the following 24 hours prior to a Mother's Day Out day:  fever, vomiting, diarrhea, coughing, discolored mucus, unexplained rashes or skin infections, pink eye, sore throat.   

If in doubt, please keep your child home in order to keep other children healthy and to prevent further illness to your own. 

Should your child become ill while you are away, the director will contact you. Your little one will then be lovingly cared for by a Mother's Day Out volunteer in the office until you arrive.  Medication can only be administered by a parent.

What do I need to send with my child?

Each child needs a backpack or bag stocked with the following items:
Change of clothes in a Ziploc bag
Pacifier, blanket, or other sleep-time “lovies”
Diapers and wipes, as needed
Prepared bottles or sippy cups

 Snack will be provided in the morning.

 Your child will be served a "Home-cooked" meal  in the Fellowship Hall. It will be a nutritious lunch with a drink. Dessert is optional if child has eaten enough lunch. If your child drinks from a bottle or sippy cup, please provide those.

 Please label everything with your child’s first and last names.

 What are the fees and tuition?

A one time non-refundable annual registration/supply fee of $15 per child is paid at the time the child is enrolled.   Fees  are $25 a month, with a $5 discount on each enrolled sibling.

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